Thursday, August 12, 2021

Practice walk


Here are some Apple employees taking a walk across Abbey Road as a test run for the Beatles to do the same for the album cover.   Notice that the same Beetle car is in the background.   


  1. That is an amazing picture. I had no idea that a "dry-run" had been done before the Beatles actually did it. As for the VW I seem to remember reading an article that after the owner parked it they left the country briefly so it was in that spot for a while. Don't know if that story is true or not, but it is interesting.

  2. The guy second from right in Ringo's position looks like George from MMT era. The guy at the back may be the red haired fella seen in the Let It Be film on the roof. Kevin something..

    1. Notice the 'Kevin Harrington' label under the posting information.

  3. Harrington and Steve Brendell along with 2 other Apple employees went for the test pics. Taken 5 days prior to the Fabs' session.