Wednesday, August 4, 2021

Just a little jazz band

 August 1, 1961 

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  1. The bottom photo was the one that appeared in the very first Beatles program (booklet) -- for the St. John's Ambulance charity show of October 15, 1961 at the Albany Cinema in Maghull, just north of Liverpool. At this show, John and Paul, having just returned from their hitchhiking trip to Paris, were sporting their new "Beatle" cuts given to them by Hamburg friend Jurgen Vollmer. Upon their return to Liverpool, they were mocked by George and Pete, who were still wearing their D.A. swept-back hairstyles. Of course, George soon followed with his Beatle cut, while Pete remained the holdout. So at this Maghull show, you had two wearing Beatle cuts and two not. I have an original program for this show. It's one of my very prized pre-fame treasures.