Thursday, June 17, 2021

George in Maui


This photo of George was shared on reddit by  wonderwanderexplore

Here is the story that went along with this photo:

My dad was a real estate broker and sold George his house on Maui. Back then (and still today) a lot of celebrities liked to have houses in Hana since people might no recognize them as easily and its pretty isolated.

My dad died when I was 11 so there might be more to the story that I don't know. I do have a few more pictures of them together I could put up later if people are interested. I think I even have one of them naked in front of a waterfall, ha!


  1. Yes, please post the photo of them naked by the waterfall (for scientific and educational reasons only, I do solemnly swear)

  2. Does anyone know if George just always wore the beads or is it a tattoo? I'm visually-impaired and can't tell; I'm also 60s-impaired and can no longer remember.