Monday, May 17, 2021

Just Ask Alice


May 1991 -- Lee Starkey opens up a boutique called Alice 


  1. The store was actually called "Planet Alice". I was in L.A. in early summer 1991 and found that boutique as I was shopping for Beatles memorabilia along Melrose Avenue. I'd heard from a rock 'n roll dealer whose store was also on Melrose that Lee Starkey had just opened it and that Ringo had attended the opening. I sought it out, found it and walked in. It was sparsely merchandised, but standing behind the counter was Lee Starkey, who asked if she could help me. I told her I'd heard about the store and wanted to take a look. I didn't tell her I knew who she was, but got a business card from her and left. I had that card with her name printed on it for many years, but no longer do.

  2. She certainly takes after her mother.

  3. love seeing the kids