Tuesday, April 6, 2021

Fan pin Sale


Hello Beatle friends!  Want a way to show your devotion to The Beatles forever?  

I am selling these enamel Beatles pins.  They are 1.5 inches and are double back pins.  I worked with a designer and a pin company to get these pins made.    

(Side note:  I am really into Disney pin trading and so this is sort of combining two of my favorite things). 

These pins are to help with the cost of the layout of my upcoming book:  Dear Beatle People:  The North American Beatles Fan Clubs

They are $12.00 each (this includes shipping) anywhere in the United States.   Add another $7.00 for shipping internationally (I am sorry that postal costs have gone up so much).   

If you are interested in buying a pin, you can send Paypal to beatlesbusch66@gmail.com  or Venmo to @sara-schmidt-72 

If you want to mail in a check, just email me at beatlesbusch66@gmail.com and I will give you my address. 

Beatles 4-ever!  

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