Thursday, March 4, 2021

Rest in peace Zak Nisson


Ringo with Zak and Harry Nilsson in 1993 in L.A. 

Zak and his Dad, Harry 

I just got word that Zak Nilsson passed away this morning.    Zak was only 50 years old.   His Dad was of course the amazing Harry Nilsson.    Zak was also a musician and he often shared great memories of his Dad.   

Zak very bravely honestly documented his journey with cancer.   Through Facebook, he was honest and upfront about what he was going through and how he felt about it.   It didn't sugar coat it but wanted to let people know what it was really like to have cancer.  He also had fun with some great karaoke.  

I am sure that Zak is now at peace and out of pain.   My love and comfort goes to his wife and family.  


  1. A typo I realize, but you may want to make a correction - "she" should be he in "Zak was also a musician. . . "