Tuesday, March 9, 2021

Charming McCartney



  1. This photo was taken backstage at Dallas Memorial Auditorium on Friday, September 18, 1964 during the Beatles' only visit to the city. The woman at top center (partially hidden) is Bobbie Wygant, who was the longtime entertainment reporter and news anchor for the Dallas NBC affiliate WBAP-TV (Channel 5), now KXAS/NBC 5). She's still around and, in fact, if you do a YouTube search for "Bobbie Wygant Beatles", you'll find a video of her talking about the Beatles in Dallas.

  2. I failed to mention that this photo was taken by the late Andy Hanson, a legend among old school newspaper photographers in Dallas and a good friend of mine from 1978 until his death in 2008. Andy worked for the Dallas Times Herald from 1959 until the paper shut down in 1991. I have his personal pass for the Beatles' Dallas press conference. Andy took numerous photos of the press conference but no photos of the concert itself.