Wednesday, February 17, 2021

It's All Too Much -- A Book Review


Do you know those people who happen to always be at the right place at the right time?   Those people that get away with doing things that most people get in trouble for?   Put David Stark on that list of people because after reading his book It's All Too Much, I just had to think, "Wow!  He just had all the luck!"

The amazing thing about David is that he is able to "show the receipts" through photographs that show him in the background of the places that go along with his stories (see photos above) and autographs he obtained from The Beatles over the years.  

Part of David's luck had to do with the fact that he was a teenage Beatles fan who lived in London in the 1960s.   He had easier access to the Beatles than most other fans in the world.  He also had a lot of guts and wasn't afraid to walk through a door that was open a crack to down an unknown hall.   

This great mix of luck and guts allowed David to do amazing things, such as sitting behind The Beatles at the premiere of the Yellow Submarine movie, John and Yoko's court appearance, The James Paul McCartney Wings concert, and several more adventures. 

He also met The Beatles the same way many others did -- such as waiting to see John at the first Grapefruit book signing, at LIPA, waiting to see George outside of a radio station, and at Ringo's press conference.    

David also tells how he got a job in the music business and how that job allowed him to start up his own magazine and how that opened up great opportunities to meet Paul McCartney on several occasions and George Martin and many, many other people that are important in The Beatles story. 

At times it feels like this book is just a bunch of name-dropping, but then I start to realize that this actually is this guy's life.   If I met all those famous people -- I would want to tell people too.   

I enjoyed reading It's All Too Much, and I am still amazed at how David Stark was able to meet the members of the Beatles so often.   

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