Sunday, January 10, 2021

What do you thin of the title "Ebony and Ivory?"


February 3, 1966 -- Paul meets Stevie Wonder for the first time at the Scotch  of St. James in London. 


  1. That's Charlie Foxx (from duo Inez & Charlie Foxx) on the left. The club was called the Scotch of St James(not the Scott of St James).

  2. That must have been an incredible evening on multiple levels. Pete Townshend of The Who was also there. In 2002 he told an interviewer that Wonder's performance that night was the best he'd ever seen. (Cue the "what does this have to with The Beatles" posts.).

  3. The SOSJ supposedly only had a capacity of 150. Cannot imagine going to that club back in those days and possibly seeing Jimi, Townshend, The Fabs, etc. Would not surprise me if the VIP list was such that it wouldve been hard to get into.