Monday, December 21, 2020

Can't wait to Get Back!!!!!!


If you are one of the few people that haven't seen the sneak peek of the upcoming "Get Back" film, then you need to get yourself over to Youtube and watch it.   It is amazing!   We all know that January 1969 was a tense time for the Beatles, but as all fans have known for years:  it wasn't all gloom and doom.   The Beatles did have some fun during making the future Let it Be album.   This look into the upcoming film highlights the fun the four guys had.  Let me tell you, I was smiling the entire time I was watching it --- maybe the most I've smiled all year!   This short little clip quickly reminded me just how much I love The Beatles and why I continue to do all The Beatles things that I like to do.    


  1. OH my god, Sara, I just saw it!!!!! I was jaded about the whole thing until about twenty seconds into the preview......and then at some point, the tears started falling, I'm not ashamed to say!

    As has been written, John spent a lot of the Let It Be sessions in his "Witty Beatle" mask, so I have no doubt there's lots of hilarious stuff captured on film (as the preview clearly indicates!). It will be interesting to see if it's a total "whitewashing" of the sessions (as there are lots of band discussions and tense moments on the bootlegs, including George quitting, not to mention John being pretty disrespectful to the lead guitarist throughout the rehearsals. But....even if it IS a total whitewashing job.....whatever! lol. Watching Ringo flip his sticks.....look at that! Who knew he could do that?! Spending more time with these guys is only a bonus! And it can't be any worse than the Ron Howard movie, which I thought was terrible.

    Ok, let me see what else has been going on around here, my favorite blog!

    Love ya, Sara!!!!! Merry Christmas, our beloved sister! :) - Michael

  2. This video proof that we hever had to believe what we 've been told! It's been a long time that i've listen all the Nagra Tapes, and it's sure thant the Get Back Sessions were fanatsic and not the sign of the Enf of the Beatles.

  3. It looks fantastic!

  4. I wouldn't mind a 'funny' movie like the clip portrayed; we can always refer back to the original film for balance.

    But one thing that's not been mentioned so far is how sharp and clean the images look; I'm really looking forward to viewing the sessions in both films for the crispness. I think we've all had enough of the grainy and scratched "Let It Be" we've been watching the past fifty years.