Thursday, November 12, 2020

Ringo and Nancy at That'll be the Day premiere



  1. Sorry again for your BIG Mistake the Premiere was 1973 not 1974

    1. And since I am not in a very happy mood, I will go on. What are you trying to prove? That I know nothing about the Beatles? That I am a fraud? That I am not a real fan? Really -- why have you been so rude to me for almost 15 years now? I have tried and tried to be nice to you. What do you want from me? Would you be happy if I just closed up this site because I keep getting the dates wrong? Is that what you are looking for?

  2. Hold it! I was right the entire time. The West Coast Premiere of That'll be the day attended by Ringo & Nancy, Harry and Oona, Keith Moon and others was on October 30, 1974. The movie was released in some places in 1973, but not in the United States until 1974. Plus -- Ringo is with Nancy. They met in 1974 through John Lennon in L.A. when he was with May Pang. In 1973, Ringo was still with Maureen and Nancy herself said that she met Ringo in 1974. Looks like it was your BIG mistake.

  3. Atta girl Sara, you tell him, this guy is a D-Bag and you don't ever deserve his rude comments, this is a great site and I and many others enjoy the fantastic job you do to spread the love for the Beatles, Peace and Love Always.......

  4. the lads themselves always said they couldn't remember dates and being none of us are perfect, approx. is not the end of the world