Tuesday, November 17, 2020

Happy Belated 50th birthday Lee!


November 11, 1970 --   Lee Starkey was born.  Lee is the only daughter of Ringo and Maureen.   They had picked the name "Lee" for a girl's name since before Zak was born in 1965.      Lee is an amazing woman that has been through major health issues and is the mother of triplets.    Happy belated  birthday Lee!


  1. I haven't seen Lee's birth date as Nov. 17th before. I thought it was the 11th. I still have my clipping from the Sunday, Nov. 15, 1970 newspaper of Ringo, Maureen, Lee, Zak and Jason posing in Mo's hospital room and Lee was a few days old when it was taken.

    1. With the way things have been going for me lately, I would not be surprised if my files were all wrong. *sigh* Another instance where I have been waiting all year to post these photos and I post them on the wrong day. Covid brain is real.