Wednesday, September 30, 2020

Will she swim?


Swimmer Norma Campbell, 22,  is worried.   Should she swim in her new fashionable rubber diving suit ... or not?   If she does, four precious words written on her suit may be washed off.   And that means Beatles fan, Norma would lose her autographs of John Lennon and Paul McCartney.  Norma is the top women diver of the Subaqua Club at Scarborough, Yorks, let the suit to a television company who wanted to use it in a Lennon-McCartney "spectacular" due to be seen next month.  "The names were written with a felt tip pen, and I must try to preserve them," said Norma.   "Someone told me their hair lacquer is waterproof, so I think I'll spray them with that before I take a dip."  

16 November 1965

Is this girl crazy??   You don't go around wearing a swimming suit autographed by John and Paul!  And you most certainly don't go swimming in it!   Crazy Norma!     I am not sure if these are real autographs or signed by someone on the Beatles staff -- but still --- dont' do it Norma!


  1. The autographs are genuine. Let's hope she went for a swim wearing something else!

    1. I know! Why even question it? She got 2 Beatle autographs and wants to risk them being washed away? Crazy girl!