Wednesday, September 2, 2020

Twist & Shout - The Beatles in Bath 1963 - Book Review


This week I read the book Twist & Shout The Beatles in Bath 1963  by Simon Hurford.   This is a little book about The Beatles concert in the town of Bath on June 10, 1963.    

This isn't a very long book and really only focuses on the concert, although it does give a little backstory about The Beatles and their success up until June 10, 1963.     Some interesting thing about this concert was the opening acts were very well received.   A local group called Chet and the Triumphs was one of the opening acts along with the Colin Anthony Combo and the fans actually liked both of these groups.    The Pavillon where the concert was held was right behind a school full of girls that got to see The Beatles enter and you must know that John took advantage of that!     It was a much similar time then because the Beatles got hot dogs and Coke for their meal. 

It was a very hot summer night when the Beatles performed in Bath and Paul's amp blew out because of it.  PLUS the Triumphs' drummer got to perform on Ringo's kit!   Great stories!

I liked this book because it really does show the early day of Beatlemania and how exciting everything was at the time. 

Unfortunately, this book is difficult to track down.   I had to call the local bookshop in Bath to order myself a copy.    However --- if you happen to find a copy of this book, it is a quick and fun read. 

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  1. Good review. Those were simpler days for sure when the stars of the show get hotdogs and cokes!