Thursday, September 10, 2020

Tomorrow is the big day!


Paul Saltzman was the lucky Beatle fan that went to India in 1968 and got to hang out with all four of the Beatles.    He took many beautiful photographs of the boys while he was with them.   THEN he got to meet Ringo again and present him with this photograph he took in India.  

Paul went back to India 50 years later to tell his story for a documentary.   That documentary, "Meeting the Beatles in India," is now availbale to watch, and you can see it for $12 tomorrow in the comfort of your own home.   In the film Paul speaks to many Beatles insiders.   There is a Q&A with Paul afterward.    

Meet The Beatles..For Real is hosting a rental of the film.   If you rent it through me, you are free to watch it any time for 24 hours after tomorrow.   However --- if you want to watch it at 6pm (Central) time and then join me for a Zoom chat abot the film at 8pm (again Central time) you are more than welcome.   Just email me for the Zoom link  at

If you purchase your ticket RIGHT NOW, you will be entered into a raffle to win the deluxe version of the book "The Beatles in India."   

I thank you for your support of Meet The Beatles...For Real.   

Click on a photo of your favorite Beatle to purchase your ticket today.   

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