Monday, September 7, 2020

Meet The Beatles For Real presents Meeting the Beatles in India film event!


I sent many of you an email about purchasing tickets to see the NEW documentary called "Meeting The Beatles in India."    For those of you that I do not have your email address, here is the information.  I hope that all of you can join me in not only renting the film but for the Zoom discussion on Friday night. 

Hello, Beatle fans and viewers of Meet The Beatles... For Real,

I first want to thank you for visiting Meet The Beatles...For Real blog.   I have been running the site for 11 years now and it is still a lot of fun.  I hope the photos and stories that I have shared have brightened your day a little bit, especially over the past few months.  

I have gotten a wonderful opportunity to host the documentary film called "Meeting The Beatles in India."   It is about Paul Saltzman, who in 1968 was a Beatles fan living in Canada.   Paul decided to learn mediation in India and found himself there at the exact time as the Beatles!   The film is his story about hanging out with John, Paul, George, and Ringo.   There will be interviews with Pattie Boyd, Jennie Boyd, Mark Lewisohn, and many others.   The film is even narrated by Morgan Freeman!   It is just an hour-long, but there is a Q&A session afterward.

Tickets cost $12 each.   You rent the film to watch online from September 11 until January 2021.   You do not have to watch it on September 11, but if you'd like to watch it on that date at 6 pm (Central Time), I am going to host a Zoom session at 8 pm (again Central) to talk about the film.   This has nothing at all to do with the ticket or the rental.   Anyone is welcome to join the Zoom.  

If you buy your tickets before September 11, you will be entered into a raffle to win the deluxe copy of the book "The Beatles in India."   This book usually costs $325!  

From the start of Meet The Beatles...For Real, I have decided that I was always going to be open and honest with my viewers.   So I will let you know a small percentage of each ticket sold will go back to me.   It isn't enough to make me quit my teaching job, but it will be enough to keep the site running through the rest of 2020 and most of 2021.    Blogger is a free site, but I pay to keep it free from ads and to get other features that make things run better.   I am using this film opportunity as a fundraiser for MTBFR.    It is a film about someone that met the Beatles, so it goes really well with the theme of the site, don't you think?     I know that other big groups have been given the same offer and that most Beatles fans will buy their tickets through those the larger organizations.    I am asking you, as a friend of MTBFR that if you plan on renting "Meeting the Beatles in India" to purchase your tickets through my link to help support the site.  As I am sure most of you know, I run it 100% by myself and I don't make money from the site. 

To purchase your ticket to rent "Meet the Beatles in India" please click the link below.  If anyone has any questions or needs technical help in purchasing their ticket through this site, please do not hesitate to email me back.

I want to encourage all of you not to skip this event because you aren't familiar with the technology.  I am more than happy to walk you through the purchasing and watching process.   Just drop me an email.  I could even call you and walk you through it.    

Have a great week everyone!

Peace & Love,

Sara S. 


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