Wednesday, July 29, 2020

WIngs fans head to London 1973

More fun times with the American fans from the McCartney Lovers and Friends club found in the Summer 1973 issue of the fanzine.

Paul flew down from Scotland on May 26.   Sil, Angela and I saw Paul at his house. He said hello and all that and he looked really tired.  Sil made this huge blanket where she had embroidered "Wings" -- it was really beautiful.  She gave it to Rosie who gave it to Paul.  He didn't see it until the next day but really flipped over it!  He was going to put in on the organ that night, but for some reason, he didn't. 

I came out with a real winner:  "Are you as tired as we are? ha!"  He said, "Tired as YOU are??!! Tireder!!"  The show was fantastic.  We were just about in the middle.  For some odd reason, I was the only one in the section that got up and clapped.  It was okay though because Paul pointed at me and grinned.  Three of us saw Paul again the next day.  I gave him some flowers from all of us.  This went on for a while and he said, "Hey!  Thanks for the flowers, Luv!"  We were walking down the street and Linda was driving.  They beeped the horn at us all the way down the black and as they turned the corner.  Paul had his head hanging out the window, waving at us. 

That night the three of us got in to the pit, which was the best place to be because it was directly in front of the stage and you could move around and not get killed.  It was the photographers' pit and you needed a pass to get in, but we just made like we belonged.  Goldie and Robin (our friends from New York) had arrived that morning and they were there too which was lucky for them since it was their first concert!   Anyway, it was really great, because you could bop around without worrying if you were going to get smashed. 

At the third and final concert in London, we were al lin the pit again and this time Ann came and also Sarah and Vicki.  It was a great ending.  As I told you, Sarah is a real comic and when Paul went into his bit about "My Love" he looked directly at us and shrugged his shoulders and smiled as if to say "can't do anything for you up here!"  Well Sarah puckered up and his eyes nearly popped out of his head and he was laughing really hard.    By this time, we were really desperate!  During "Live and Let Die" Linda would sort of raise her arm in the air to the beat so we did it to -- only on time.  Talk about raised eyebrows! 

So much happened, it's hard to put it all down on paper.   At the end of the show, Robin came over to me and told me there was a party.  I was really out of it,. and I do not remember this happening.  She told me later that I just kept saying, "I know, I know, but I'm going backstage."   Some of the girls saw Paul from this window later.   But that night we all went to the Cafe Royal on Regent Street near Piccadilly where the party was.  Around 1am, who should come walking down the street but Paul and Linda.  Paul sporting a yellow suit with short sleeves and Linda with a halter top and Frankenstein shoes.  Oh yes, Paul had his pants tucked into his brown suede boots.  Anyway, this weirdo stopped him as he went in, telling him about this "beautiful place" somewhere.  It was very strange with PAul that night -- he's a true Gemini.  Oh yeah, to complement his outfit, he had gone home and painted his thumb yellow and had put on red, while on a few others he painted them half red and half dark blue (By the way, Linda usually wore red on a few fingers, blue on one, and green on the other).  I'm sure this was to impress the other people at the party.   He stood at the door for a while, talking to John Entwhistle from The Who.  Denny Laine got Goldie and Robin and some of their friends into the party at midnight.  We got there late.  If we had only arrived earlier we could have gotten in too.   I hope that Goldie and Robin will write a column about the party. 

Paul's chauffeur was there.  We were pretty aggravated by this time, so I said, "Well, you want to take us home now?"  Much to our surprise, he said yes!  He was really a nice guy.  Paul had hired him just for the weekend.  He usually works as David Bowie's chauffeur and bodyguard.  He showed us Paul's "Macca" jacket, which was in the trunk.  We all loved that jacked and were certainly excited to see it!  Each of us even tried it on.  That was nice.   Well, that was the en f our few weeks in heaven.  None of us know how quiet to digest the whole thing.  I just can't wait for the next tour! 

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