Sunday, July 19, 2020

Sorry we hurt your field, Mister

I have gone back and forth flipping this photo.  I decided it was backward after comparing to the other photos, but if I have it wrong, politely let me know. 

This has to be one of the best scenes of any movie I have ever seen. 


  1. I can only tell you it's not upside-down.

  2. its correct cuz of pauls wrist watch

  3. Sarah, you should go to London & photograph all these famous locations as they appear today.

    1. This scene was in Isleworth, in Houndslow (west London). As of 1994, the area was built up and supposedly there's a playground on the spot shown in the photographs.

      If you can find it, look for a copy of 'The Beatles London' by Piet Schreuders, Mark Lewisohn & Adam Smith. It's now out of print, but is the best guide to almost every Beatle-related spot in and around London. I have a tattered, dog-eared copy I've taken around with me many times to many sites. But even since the book was released, a lot of locations have gone (Manchester Square, Russell Square, etc.).

      Also bear in mind that traveling from the US to the UK is not recommended at the moment for obvious reasons.

  4. Sara, great call! The acclaimed critic Roger Ebert agreed with you. He thought the scene was so impactful with its' "do your own thing and have fun" theme that he believed it set the tone for what was to come later in the 60s in pop culture.