Monday, June 22, 2020

The Saints go Marching in

I am all for seeing Paul McCartney.   Personally, I thought him playing the trumpet to "When the Saints Go Marching In" was one of the strangest things I have seen in a long time.   But it still made me smile.   


  1. He looked strange with that mask under his chin, especially since it was unnecessary. The trumpet playing was drowned out by the amplification of the other musicians. I loved his "Louis Armstrong" voice impersonation, though unexpected, low, raw, and raunchy. The production wasn't the best quality; it had the feel of a pick-up game, rather unpracticed. New Orleans jazz can be polished and soulful. This wasn't our best example. Loved Paul's contribution, though!

  2. I was up until almost 3:00am to watch it. I thought it was wonderful! Instead of what people might have expected, like a Hey Jude or Let it Be, he had the guts to play an instrument he obviously knows very little about, honoring his dad on father's day - since he gave him his first instrument, a trumpet - and also the music being played that evening. I thought it was fantastic!

  3. Well... I love Paul, but that doesn't mean he can't put a foot wrong sometimes. His playing was pretty amateurish, especially considering the talent backing him. But he lent his name to a good cause I suppose. We wouldn't have watched this otherwise, I assume. Sang well, though.