Tuesday, June 23, 2020

Stu's birthday!

If Stuart Sutcliffe were still alive, he would have turned 80 years old today.   It is a little difficult to imagine Stu as an older man, isn't it?    If Stu had lived, think of the amazing Beatles album covers we might have gotten?   I am sure that John would have asked his friend to do art for a cover or two as Klaus Voorman did the art for the cover of Revolver.   

It is a wonderful day today to celebrate the life of Stu and his time with The Beatles and friendship with John. 


  1. I have always maintained that Stu was the most talented member of the Beatles. Obviously not as a musician (although his bass playing has been revised in later years to give him more credit). But as an artistic person, he was on another level compared to JP&G. Who knows what the Sixties would have been like with Stu possibly doing for painting what the Beatles did for music. It makes his loss even more tragic.

  2. Agreed, a tragic loss. Stuart was undoubtedly a gifted painter but it doesn't necessarily mean he was the most talented of the Beatles. He was older and more mature to begin with, but I think by the time of his death the others were rapidly catching up. Would he have done for painting what the Beatles did for music? It's comparing apples to oranges. I sometimes feel the Beatles have been taken for granted now. Their artistic, musical and cultural impact was truly phenomenal.

  3. Nice to see Sir Paul acknowledge Stu's birthday on Twitter. No one on the planet is classier than that left handed bass player.