Tuesday, June 16, 2020

One of Ringo's most embarassing moments

Personally, I don't think the John Davidson show interview with Ringo was THAT bad.  Yes, Ringo (and Barbara) were drunk.  But yet Ringo still made me laugh.  John Davidson was annoying and you get the feeling that Ringo didn't like him if he had been drinking or not.    Side note:  I once saw John Davidson play Harold Hill in the Music Man.  He did a good job.   He should have stuck to musical theater and no talk shows.  Just my opinion. 

June 16, 1980


  1. Ringo was absolutely obnoxious during this interview. I felt bad for John Davidson. It WAS a low point in Ringo's career. Alcohol was not good for Ringo.(MarkZapp)

  2. Ringo did an interview on UK TV with George in the mid-70's where he was three sheets to the wind. I felt bad for George, squirming in his seat, but trying to smile throughout.

    1. I think that interview with the two of them was in the 80's. George seemed perfectly fine compared to John Davidson. (MarkZapp)

  3. I live in Mexico (as I have done all my life) and we get to know John Davidson for That's Incredible!
    I think this is a bad moment for Ringo on TV, but anyways, the best this is how well he has done after rehab. This is the past. Great blog!!! i follow you every day!

  4. Ringo was....RINGO...Period.
    Davidson did no research on past interviews. That was certainly obvious.Ringo had John D. by the balls...and he knew it!!
    Good job, Ring!

  5. There arent many people on this planet who've had the guts to tell a Beatle to shut up. Never really cared for Davidson, but kudos to him for telling a Beatle - a stoned Beatle at that - to shut his pie hole on national television.