Sunday, May 17, 2020

Goodbye Astrid -- we will never forget you

The beloved Astrid Kirchherr passed away this past Tuesday and the news spread to us all over the weekend.    Astrid is such an important person in the story of the Beatles.   Her influence in their lives when they can to Hamburg in 1960 is insurmountable.   She befriended them during that time and invited them into her home and along with her mother provided a home-cooked meal at a time when they were living off prellies.    Her entire look and lifestyle was something the Beatles wanted to copy.  Of course, the love story of Stu and Astrid is one of the big tragedies of the Beatles story.   Even after the Hamburg days, Astrid continued to be involved in the life of the Beatles.  She joined them in London in 1964 and took a lot of great photos of them in the Green Street apartment and working on a Hard Day's Night.     I've always thought John wrote "Baby's in Black" with Astrid in mind.   They met up with her in 1966 when their tour brought them to Hamburg.    They never ended their friendship with Astrid.

It is so sad that she has passed away.   I heard her speak at a Beatlefest in the 1990s and she was just as lovely as you would have thought.   You could tell by the way she spoke that she had so much love for each member of the Beatles and for Stu even after all the years.

We no longer have Astrid with us, but we, fortunately, have her amazing photographs.   The photos she took of The Beatles in Hamburg are CLASSIC Hamburg era photos.   If it wasn't for Astrid, we would have almost no photos of the guys from this time period.  These photos will be shown to the Beatles fans of every generation and they all will know Astrid's name and how important she was to the Beatles. 

Rest in Peace dear Astrid. 

P.S  Give our love to John, George, Brian and of course Stu


  1. she was 81 years old - how time flies

  2. God bless, Astrid.


  3. RIP Astrid. Her photographs were great.