Thursday, April 2, 2020

The last Paul sighting before quarantine

March 13, 2020

This was the last time we saw a photo of Paul before the U.S. was put on lockdown.   He was at an airport in NYC on Friday the 13th.   Paul is currently on self-quarantine in the Hamptons.

There is a video / still from a video going around of Paul holding a sign in support of the NHS.  The
footage is real and Paul supports the NHS, especially because his mother was a nurse.  However, the footage was shot last year and they released it today because of the virus.   It is not current.

We have heard from Ringo a few times since we've been locked down, however, we really haven't heard directly from Paul.   A lot of fans are concerned about Paul's health and safety and have been hoping he'd post a photo of himself.   I was hoping he'd do one of those concerts from his home deals that so many musicians have been doing  (Hey -- it could happen!). 

Let's hope we hear from Paul soon.   I'm sure he is doing just fine, but it would be nice to hear from him.


  1. Always enjoy the current photos. Paul's home in the Hamptons is quite a place where quarantine won't be bad at all. Probably spending quality time w/Nancy and working on new music. Be well everyone.

  2. Hi! Just wanted to express appreciation and thanks for your steady ongoing labor of love, this wonderful site. I look at it as often as I think of it, and it always charms; such is the power of the love the Beatles generate. Thank you.
    A particular favorite is the account by the person who jammed with John in a cafe (if I remember right) in Oxnard/Ventura, about the most improbable locale for a John experience as you could ever imagine. I reread it every few years, and it always makes me smile.
    I just saw the Beatle Stories film last night and remembered Sara's involvement. What a great film! And again, what a great website :)
    Re: Paul and the worldwide situation with coronavirus. My hope- fantasy- is that as a planet this event will wake up to our interconnectedness, and thus get on a track toward a plan toward sustainable future. I think we have a chance at least; so in an extremely bittersweet sense this tragedy might have a deeply positive outcome.
    I've seen the power Paul and a very few other cherished public figure have to appeal to our best natures; to touch the positive parts of our spirits- something ineffable but real, and that seems to grow in proportion to the growth of the dark stuff (as expressed by the rise of popularity of figures like Trump). I would love to see Paul become a more public advocate for love and unity and (why not, it's extremely relevant to the path forward) respect for animals.
    Hope this doesn't seem like a crackpot rave. Best wishes- Jonathan

    1. my hope-fantasy- is real peace where people work together and stop using digs & hatred toward our political leaders

    2. I think people need to stop seeing celebrities as role models and advocates. Paul is primarily a songwriter and musician so isn't his extraordinary artistic legacy enough? The Beatles at the height of their fame never wanted to be role models so I don't know why that changed. Many have become suspicious of celebrities who live different lives to the rest of us. If people want role models then look to the thousands of care workers around the world who have sacrificed their lives to help the sick and the vulnerable. Surely even Paul knows this.

    3. BRAVO ANO 7;59

  3. From a Twitter post by a young British singer named Charlotte Campbell, posted on March 11

    Charlotte Campbell
    Tonight busking at Charing Cross station I had a drop in my guitar case from Sir Paul himself -
    - I was absolutely speechless, I had so many things I wanted to say but all I managed was “thanks Paul” - I could have fainted to tell you the truth!
    Tweet vertalen
    8:53 p.m. · 11 mrt. 2020·Twitter for iPhone
    Charlotte Campbell
    11 mrt.
    Als antwoord op
    I pulled myself together as he walked away and played “I Wanna Hold Your Hand” - he turned back and gave me a thumbs up, which is hands down the best thumbs up I’ll ever receive 👍🏻