Wednesday, April 29, 2020

The Beatles Bookstore is now open!

Where do you guys go to buy your Beatles books?   Most of you are saying "Amazon."  I am right there with you.   I buy lots of books about the Fab 4 through Amazon too.  However -- do you realize that those Beatles authors that write books and self publish do not get much money through Amazon?

I put my book on Amazon because I knew it was expected, but I really didn't want to.   When it was all said and done I got $8.00 per each book sold at $25.00.    The thing about that is that it cost me $10 per book to print.  So by selling through Amazon, I was actually losing money.   

None of the self-published Beatles authors are in it to make money, but I think we all want to break even.   We write about the guys out of our love of the band.

A new online bookstore has just opened that features many of the Beatles authors that you love AND you get to buy the books directly from the author.     Check it out yourself!   And just CLICK HERE!

New authors are being added all the time.  You  might be interested in joining the Facebook page.  Type in Paperback Writer -  Beatles Books and Authors

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  1. Hey Sara, how about a plug for Apcor? ;) (No, Ed's not paying me to say this)