Thursday, April 30, 2020

Long time friends

You know how the other day I was saying how Paul and Ringo had been friends for a very long time.  I think this might be the earliest photograph that has both of them in it.   Do you know of any others?


  1. There is a fairly famous photo of Ringo(with a beard) posed with with Paul, George and John's chin circa 1960/61. I'm sure that photo is an earlier one than this one. Ringo was still with The Hurricanes in that photo. (MarkZapp)

    1. Paul & Ringo have the same Beatle's i think it's in 1962...mayber early September 1962...Maybe Hamburg November or december 1962 !!!

  2. This is definitely after he joined The Fabs since the beard is gone.

  3. photo Possibly was taken in Hamburg which would
    place it in this time-frame-1-14 November and/or
    18-31 December 1962 (beatlesource). not verified as of yet. With Paul and Ringo are
    (left) Brian Johnson (drummer with Mark Peters Silhouettes) and (right)
    Bobby Cantrell (bassist with Johnny and The Hurricanes). The venue
    is undetermined.