Thursday, April 9, 2020


I'm sure all of you have seen this photo by now because it has been majorly making the rounds today, but I just HAD to share it as well because it is an amazing photo of John, Paul and George from 1959. 

They are performing in Mona Best's living room, located right above the Casbah Coffee Club. 

Don't they look totally different? 

Tracks got ahold of this photo -- and I sure have never seen it!


  1. Great picture. 1959, and no one had any idea . . . .

  2. Replies
    1. I wasn't trying to be technical. They were going by the Quarry Men when they performed at that time. I just shortened it because I liked it better that way. JAPAGE looks like Japan or something to me. I didn't know it was a big deal to so many. Just had to put something up there for a heading.

    2. Technically, it's Paul McCharmley, John Leper, and George Parasol.

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  4. If they really wanted to be ahead of their time they would have called themsleves the jpg files.

  5. Sara, wow, this is one of the coolest old photos of JPAG ever, what pure fun, I wish we knew what song they were playing and may be the picture a little clearer, this is why I love your site, thank you, Peace an Love