Sunday, April 12, 2020

In memory of Stirling Moss

George and Stirling Moss 

Much thanks has to go out to the "Places I Remember" site and tour guide Jackie Spencer.

In 1955, Aintree Racecourse was a place where 12-year-old George Harrison liked to go in his town of Liverpool.   The course had previously had just been for horse racing but the previous year had allowed Formula-One Racing to take place.    George would go and as we all know, loved to watch the racers.   When George went to his first race, Stirling Moss was the winner.   Moss became a hero to the young George and he never forgot about him.

In a letter sent to Jackie Spencer in 2015, Moss says that he met George later in his life, after the Beatles and found George to be "charming and easy to talk to." 

Sir Stirling Moss passed away this weekend, and so I wanted to share this beautiful photo of him with George and share with you something I hadn't previously known about George's love for racing spans back to when he was going to the Aintree Racecourse in Liverpool to what Moss win. 

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