Tuesday, March 10, 2020

Winter coats


  1. is this when they went to talk to the maharishi to set him straight? (beatle55).

  2. Yes. Sweden, October 1967. To kindly ask him to stop using them as an advertising piece for himself. (MarkZapp)

    1. A bittersweet memory... I was there, aged 12! Living in Lund, 50 km from the seaside resort Falsterbo and the castle Falsterbohus in the very south of Sweden, I begged my parents to go there. My little sister and I were the youngest of the gathering fans. Not a glimpse of my favourites though, we only managed to see the Maharishi through a window. By the time Paul and George left the magnificent building, I was already back in Lund; my parents were invited by an old colleague for coffee(!). I still see this old lady occasionally in the streets of Lund, and I still kind of hate her.

      If you follow this link to the Swedish site ”Bilder i Syd” (”Pictures in the south”) you’ll see more pictures (for sale) from Paul’s and George’s visit to Malmö and Falsterbo.


      Several of the photos (at least the ones from the restaurant Tunneln, now Mayfair Hotel in the street Adelgatan, where they had coffee and... milk!) were taken by a very young photographer from Sydsvenskan, our local paper. After taking the first shot of them, he approached the table and politely asked if he could take some photos. – You just did, didn’t you, was George’s answer (or was it Paul?).

      There are many anecdotes running about this trip; one is that they, prior to the Tunneln visit, were denied entrance in another restaurant with the words: – Sorry, we have "slipstvĂ„ng" (you'll have to wear ties)!

  3. I'm pretty sure that's Paul's "Help!" coat from the Austria scenes.