Monday, February 3, 2020

Take off that disguise -- here come the girls!

So I have never understood this scene.  Paul is wearing a disguise to hide from the girls.  The fans figure out it is him and they begin to run.   So why does Paul stop outside of the train to take off the fake beard?  Why doesn't he just run inside the train where he will be safe and take it off then?   I guess because it is just a movie and he was doing what he was told to do.


  1. Exactly right; it's a movie, so he needs to show that it's just a disguise; here's the 'real' face of this mop-top, etc.

    1. Would be a cool transition though. He goes in and then he’s obscured for a second walking down the carriages and then when he reaches the others he’s his old mop top self again.

  2. His disguise has just been recognised. Therefore he takes off his disguise to go incognito. The logic of The Goon Show.