Wednesday, February 26, 2020

Linda McCartney: the Polaroid Diaries -- A Book Review

Photo by Linda McCartney 

I have often said that it would be amazing to sit down with the McCartney family photo album and see the photographs that Linda had snapped of Paul and the kids (and animals) during her life.   We have gotten peeks into the album from time to time:   inside of albums, various books, the calendars put out by the Fun Club, etc.   Those peeks always just whetted my appetite to see more from her album.     The book Linda McCartney The Polaroid Diaries gives us McCartney family fans our wish.  We get to see the McCartney six as a regular family all through Linda's Polaroid camera.

Linda was a talented photographer and she really loved the instant development of the Polaroid camera.  She took tons of Polaroids of her family doing all sorts of things all around the globe.  Some of her photographs are artistic and others are no different than a photograph that you might have in your own family album.

I like seeing this side of the McCartney family.  Celebrating holidays, playing on the farm, and wearing silly homemade masks.  If you didn't know better, you'd forget that you are looking at a famous family.

The book itself is made of very heavy paper and the photos look amazing and crisp in the book.  I was really impressed with how well-made this book really is.   The Forward is written by Chrissie Hynde, and she tells a touching story about Linda's last photoshoot and use of Polaroid in 1998.

  My biggest complaint about the book is that each photo is labeled with the location of where the photo was taken and the decade.   Being the nerdy Beatle person who likes to have my photos organized by date, seeing "1970s" in a photo is not helpful.   They could have at least put the year of the photo if they didn't know the full date.  Why bother just giving the decade in the first place?

This is a must-have book for anyone who is a fan of the McCartney family and/or Linda McCartney's photographs.   There are a few photos of Ringo in the book and one of George, but besides that, there isn't any Beatle content.  The photographs are from the 1970s-1990s.    Keeping that in mind, this is a really great book and well worth the price.

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