Thursday, January 16, 2020

The Beatle do the boy band walk

I don't ever hide the fact that I love boy bands.  I know they don't perform the best music in the world, but they are fun and make me smile.  Now -- I never would consider The Beatles to be a boy band (although others disagree).   This is because The Beatles wrote their own music and they don't dance.   

However, this photograph right here is a stereotypical boy band walk photograph.   Usually, the boys in the band are walking on a beach or something similar.  The "leader" of the group is walking a few steps ahead of everybody else.  Someone might have his shirt off or wearing a tight shirt.  Someone is bound to have one hand in his pocket.   Yep---the Beatles might not have been a boy band, but they perfected the boy band walking photograph. 


  1. Weston Super Mare July 27 1963 Greeting from Buenos Aires.-

  2. Aren't boy bands usually "assembled" by an outside source like a producer, something that The Beatles were definitely not. (MarkZapp)

    1. Good point -- that too! Although my favorite boy band, New Kids on the Block, were not assembled by an outside producer originally. But there was one that toally took over and found the last member. The only thing the Beatles have in common with boy bands is the way the preteen-early teenagers behaved towards them. And this photograph.

  3. never heard that expression "boy band" regarding The Beatles

  4. Someone should make a YouTube compilation of footage of the Beatles dancing. I know the Peppermint Lounge and John doing the Charleston in AHDN would be in it.