Wednesday, January 22, 2020

Short hair don't care

January 22, 1970

John, Yoko, and Kyoko all got their hair cut super short (although Yoko wasn't too excited about it) in January of 1970 on a snowy day.   The news was released to the world 50 years ago today.   It was a shock to everyone.   The press went crazy and wondered if it was going to be a "new fad" among teenagers to go from the super long locks to short hair.  John Lennon was considered such a trendsetter that people were predicting that jobs in barbershops were going to be demand.   Fans were annoyed with John because just months earlier he was telling everyone to "grow their hair for peace" and now he goes and cuts his.     Why did John want his hair short?   He wanted to blend in easier in crowds. 


  1. Mary Pickford - whose career in many ways was very similar to The Beatles - did the same thing: cut off her famous hair. It was front page news all over the world. Unlike John, it pretty much ended her career.

    I never knew that fans were annoyed, but yeah, it makes total sense! He was just telling him to grow their hair for peace! was a new year, a new decade, I can dig it. "If the 60s were about long hair...."

    Neil Aspinall, incidentally, was married to Mary Pickford's niece and almost definitely spent time with the great woman(who was every bit as famous and groundbreaking,not to mention culturally and artistically influential as our Fabs.)

  2. The other Beatles covered for him hairwise and that’s why it continued on for the rest of the decade (for better or for worse).