Wednesday, January 8, 2020

Is this an award?

This photo of John is cracking me up!  What is he holding?  I know there is a photo of all four Beatles holding these, but surely that isn't some crazy award the Beatles won.   


  1. I think that I have a photo of the four Monkees also holding this same statue when they visited England in 1967. Maybe it was an award presented to groups that year from some magazine? (MarkZapp)

  2. It's a "Golden Otto Award" presented to artists by the German magazine "Bravo"

    1. That is what I orignially thought it was, but when I took a 2nd look, I realized that the Bravo award looks like an "Indian" boy (as in Native American). This looks like a funny bald head man.

  3. Who needs Maharishi when you have Lotus John with Nightmare Fuel Caricature/Monkey? Statue?