Sunday, December 8, 2019

Remembering John

Photo taken by Hiroshi Yasunaga

We remember John Lennon as so many different things.  He was one of the Beatles,  a songwriter, a musician, a rock n roller, a teddy boy.   John was a lad from Liverpool.   He was a New Yorker.   He was a peace activist.  He was a protester.  He was a dreamer.   John Lennon was an author and an artist.  He was a funny guy.  He was smart.  He was serious.   John was a friend.

One thing often gets overlooked:  John Lennon was a husband and a Father.   When he was murdered, Yoko became a widow and Sean no longer had a Daddy.    Today I want to remember John as a Dad that would wear flip-flops while riding a bike with his toddle strapped to seat in the back while on vacation in Japan. 


  1. A singer. (MarkZapp)

  2. That is a fantastic photo. You always come up with new ones its gteat!

  3. Agree with Greg. You continue to impress with these pictures of the quiet years. Keep them coming!

  4. sending love to Julian who also lost his Daddy