Sunday, December 22, 2019

Moving day

Photo taken by one of the girls in this story on July 18, 1970

This story was written by Kris M. and was first published in the Beatles fan newsletter, "Beatles Rule" in the September 1970 issue. 

July 18 (1970) -  Linda, Glenna, Joann and myself decided to go to see George's bungalow just for the heck of it.  We went up Clairmont Lane and got lost two hours looking for Claremont Drive.  We were walking along the road when we spotted George's car (the white mini).  Glenna spotted a sitar and his jacket but we spotted no bungalow.  We turned a corner and found George and Terri coming towards us!  We tried to be calm and got to speak with him for a while.  He was so nice!  He looked good, thinner and his hair is very long now and it was tied back in a ponytail.  He said he'd be starting to record in about two weeks.  He stopped for lots of pictures and movies.  Then he waved goodbye in his car as he drove away.  Then, we went back to his house and saw Mal moving out stuff from his house. We asked him if we could walk around and he said OK adn we walked into some of his rooms -- the bathroom, sitting room and kitchen.  Then Glenna asked Mal if she could have a big black and white poster of George that was in his garage.  Mal said "No."  Then Glenna said, "Why not?"  and Mal said he wanted it and Glenna said, "I'll give you anything for it!"  Mal smiled and said, "Anything?  I've been on the road too long for that sort of thing!"  (he has a dirty mind).  Then we spoke to him about Paul, John and Yoko.  That was a day we'll never forget!

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