Thursday, December 5, 2019

Cindi visits London in 1969

This fan story comes from a newsletter called the "B.S. Sheet" and was published in April 1970.  The letter was written by Cindi Gonzalas.  

We wound up seeing George five times altogether and I don't know how I lived through any of those moments.  I guess I was so concerned about Jennifer collapsing and couldn't myself.  His hair is past shoulder length.  It's longer than John's ever was, but he looked fantastic.  I know I told you how he looked the first night we saw him.  I didn't notice his dress, only his hair, beginning beard and cap.  I actually saw a Harrison mustache and beard taking form -- die!!   We saw him two more times after that on New Year's Eve with Pattie.  He had just washed his hair and I've never seen a more beautiful head.  He was really sweet to us and smiled a bit more than usual. 

Did I tell you the story behind Jackie Lomax?  I really fell more in love with him there.  And none of the English fans give you competition because they hate him.  Too bad, they don't' know what they're missing, do they?  We saw Linda once, and she was sweet and pretty.  You could tell she and Paul were very much in love.  You should have heard the stories those English so-called fans made up about her and Paul  They are really horrible and funny at the same time.  They never got the story the same twice.  What a bunch of fools.  We went to George's one Sunday and what happens but it happened to be the only Sunday in the year that he goes to EMI to record!  We talked to Pattie.  She was so sweet.  She remembers me and Lorelle.  How could she forget the two weird ones that got water out of their pool?  Anyway, she told us where Ringo and Mo had moved only two weeks ago in London.  We went to EMI and saw George walk back and forth past the door (all smiles) but never came out until 4am the next morning.  He had been there since one in the afternoon on Sunday.  But you should have seen him on New Year's Eve.  you know how he says he doesn't drink?  Well, his coffee must have been awfully strong because when he wished us all Happy New Year he wasn't the straight George we were used to seeing.  He was so funny and everyone said they hadn't seen him smile since his mother had taken ill.  I'm hoping she's okay now.  George looks better with a smile on that gorgeous face. 

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