Sunday, December 22, 2019

A snowy day

December 21, 1969 -  Ronnie Hawkins' Farm in Canada

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  1. I just happened to be tobogganing at the nearby Mississauga (Ontario, Canada) Golf Course that very Sunday (12/21/69) when I spotted a crowd gathered at the bottom of the big hill, on the banks of the Credit River. Just on the other side of the river was the back lot of the Ronnie Hawkins estate, and I joined the other folks watching what appeared to be a Moto-Ski skidoo tearing in circles round the grounds. At one point, a small cheer went up when a woman with long black hair blowing behind her effortlessly steered the skidoo in a perfect circle round the back lot and back to the front of the grounds (away from our view). About ten minutes later though the skidoo reappeared ...only this time it crept forward in broken spurts, as the man behind the wheel was obviously having a "fookin' hell" of a time trying to drive and steer the machine.

    Guess who ?? ;-)