Sunday, November 3, 2019

Happy Anniversary to the Apple Scruffs!!!!

A lot of 50th Anniversaries have come and gone over the past month but here is one that I just knew would be forgotten.  (But not by me!)    It was around this time of year (Late October-Early November) in 1969 that the Apple Scruffs were named. 

Sure the "regulars" and the "goodies" and the "baddies" had been hanging around since 1966 and were there all through the trials and tribulations of the White Album and Abbey Road.   But they did not have an official name until the autumn of 1969 and that is when one of them (some say it was Margo, but does it really matter anymore?)  dubbed them "The Apple Scruffs."    And from there Apple Scruff badges and membership cards were made.   Once the Beatle Book Monthly ended in December 1969, the Apple Scruff Monthly started to appear.   

We all know George wrote that great song about them where he claims "there's so much you don't know about Apple Scruffs."    That is still true today.   I have tried to research all I could about them.  I have tried to ask questions.   I have found that they are extremely sweet, lovely ladies that are still gaga over John, Paul, George and Ringo.  However, they have chosen to remain silent in concern to many of their memories of waiting to see the Beatles.   While I don't like it, I understand it.   These are their personal memories that they want to keep between those that were there. 

I hope history understands that none of them were groupies.   None of them were stalkers.   They were a group of friends that passed the time waiting for the Beatles on the steps of 3 Savile Row.  Their story is one that is more about friendship because of The Beatles than about The Beatles themselves, and that is something that we all can relate to.

So tonight I raise a toast to The Apple Scruffs and wish them a happy 50th anniversary! 


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    1. Thank you George from Henley, love from the Scruffs x

  2. Thank you so much Sara, love from the Scruffs x

  3. and may every fan who love the lads have a great day!

  4. Its a little late, but I dindt want to stop congratulating my most admired Beatles fans APPLE SCRUFFS,on their 50th anniversary, I always admired them and I will continue to do so, so a lot of love for all of them and one especially MARGO STEVENS. I LOVE THEM. HORACIO from ARGENTINA