Thursday, November 28, 2019

45 years ago tonight history was made

November 28, 1974 -   It was on this date 45 years ago that John Lennon held up his bargain on a bet with Elton John and performed live on stage during the Thanksgiving Elton John concert at Madison Square Garden.     Sadly this was the last time John performed at a concert of this type of magnitude.   (He did perform live one more time after this, but it was nothing like this concert).    Everyone there gave John a lot of love and were happy to see him perform.    Oh what a night.


  1. To this day I'm still astonished that no video of this has ever surfaced.

  2. Footage of this concert with John in it HAS appeared in the last few years. It is silent 35mm footage. I think I saw it on YouTube. It DOES exist. (MarkZapp)

  3. Sexy John, badass John! How could he retire after this??!!