Tuesday, October 29, 2019

The Late Late Breakfast Show

On October 29, 1983, Paul and Linda appeared on a British show called "The Late Late Breakfast Show."    The program was originally supposed to show the new video for Paul and Michael Jackson's song "Say Say Say."    Let's face it -- it was 1983 and "Say Say Say" was an awesome video and everyone should see it.    However, programs in England had some rule that they didn't show promotional clips for things that are slipping down the charts.   The video for  "Say Say Say" took longer to produce or something happened and it was out after the song had been on the charts. 

Paul was unhappy about this and there was some back and forth and eventually a compromise was made that the program would show the video only if Paul came to the studio and did an interview.   This was the first interview like this that Paul had done in 10 years.   When you watch the interview, you can sort of get the feeling that Paul was ticked off.   He came across as his normal chipper self, but with a little edge to him. 

What makes me laugh is that Paul is wearing that strange green tie that he wore to his brother's wedding and the guy doing the interview is wearing the same shirt Paul would wear a year later when he was promoting "Broadstreet"


  1. y'know Paul wasn't always chipper & sweet, especially when someone disagreed w/him or he didn't get his own way

    1. I don't think the others were that nice either when they didn't get their own way. Perhaps with Paul normally being polite it was more of a shock to people when he wasn't?

  2. I clearly remember watching this interview with Noel Edmonds - I was 15 - and was embarrassed. Yes, some of Noel's questions were silly but Paul wasn't in a great mood and not very chatty. I think I've still got the original video recording I made of it. Paul and Noel met up again on TV and mentioned the previous encounter but could have a laugh about it.