Wednesday, October 23, 2019

Broadstreet Blitz 35 years ago

If it was October 1984, we all would be rushing out to our local Venture and buying a blank VHS for our VCRs because Paul McCartney was making the rounds in America to promote his new film, "Give My Regards to Broadstreet."   It didn't matter that the movie wasn't very good.   We wanted to hear everything Paul had to say!    Paul was on local news outlets meeting with fans, on the morning news programs, Johnny Carson and so many interviews took place with him wearing that black and white checked shirt.   Paul fans were living the good life 35 years ago.   


  1. "It didn't matter that the movie wasn't very good." Oh, you're being too kind. If ever a movie deserved the MST3K treatment, it would be this one...

  2. Magical Mystery Tour is much worse but it's saved because all four Beatles are in it.

    1. Magical Mystery Tour is saved by the musical performances. If The Beatles had included the Penny Lane and Strawberry Fields Forever videos with the rest of the MMT film, it would have been one of the greatest rock movies of all time.

  3. terrible film - never thought I'd dislike watching Paul...64 fan