Wednesday, September 25, 2019

The Beatles and their solo years (A Trip down Memory Lane): A Book review

The book The Beatles and their Solo Years:  A Trip down memory lane by Tom Fontaine is a very nice hardcover book with color photos inside.    The book features the collection of Beatles autographs Tom Fontaine has bought over the years.   He does not own all of them anymore, but took photographs of all of the autographs and put them all together in this book. 

The layout of the book is great.  It starts with Beatles autographs as a group in chronological order then moves onto a section for each solo Beatle, also in order.    The photographs are large enough to see in detail the autograph and anything else the Beatle wrote to the fan.

My favorite entries are the ones that include the fan's story on how the autograph was originally obtained.  I think the stories are more valuable than the autograph itself. 

Most of the signatures Fontaine purchased from auction houses, but some of them he got in person.  Ringo signed for him and so did Paul.

There is a short section in the middle of the book about Tom's memories of Beatlefest.   This is a nice telling of his involvement in the Fest and is a nice trip down memory lane for those of us that regularly attend these events.  He has photographs of many of the guests over the years.    I think this section might be morning to readers that aren't familiar with the Fest and do not have interest in it.

Overall I like this book.  It is a good reference if you are looking to check on the authenticity of a Beatles autograph.   It has great examples of signatures from all different time periods.    Not that I would recommend only relying on this book, but I think it is a great place to start for autograph authenticity.    It is also a good reference book to have on hand in general because of the stories included by fans. 

This isn't a must-have for all fans but is a nice book to have on your shelf, especially anyone that has interest in Beatles autographs.

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