Thursday, August 22, 2019

The Last Photo Shoot

50 years ago, on August 22, 1969, The Beatles  (along with Linda and Yoko) had photos taken for what ended up being their last photoshoot as a band.     When I was a new fan I always called this the "Amish Beatles" photos.     They are great photographs and to my eyes, they still looked like the band I always loved. 


  1. Whats great about this session is one set of photo's they look either bored or pissed and people say look how miserable they are and in others they look happy without a problem in the world

  2. last photo of these represents the end of The Beatles

    1. agree; now Paulinda, Ringo, George, Joyo

  3. Ethan Russell said George was miserable throughout this session. he doesnt mention John, who looks like he would rather be elsewhere too.

  4. Love that era, when George was trying to look like every Byzantine painting of Christ.