Wednesday, August 21, 2019

Blurry Photos

All photos taken by and copyright by Kay MacLeod Davidson (used with permission)

Katy wrote:  54 years ago yesterday, August 20th, 1965, I made my way into a Beatles press conference in Chicago and I got to ask George Harrison a question. I asked him, "Is it true you have a nightclub in London called 'Sybilla' "? He said to me, " It's not my nightclub really, I just invested some money in it". It was a day out of heaven for this 14-year-old girl's life. It took months of planning. Then, right after was the incredible concert. I love my blurry pictures......


  1. The pro shot pictures are good, but there is always something special about fan photos. These are great!

  2. love Kay's story & pics - thanks