Monday, July 15, 2019

Lost & Found

Have you heard this story?   Here is the rundown.   There is this guy that wanted a certain airplane.  He searched high and low for one to refurbish.   He located one and discovered that his new plane was the one that the Beatles used when they were in France in 1965!   Not only that but when he pulled up some carpet inside, he found John's boarding pass!     Nothing big and shocking, but still pretty cool!


  1. I used to be able to find good information from your content.

  2. There must be a treasure trove of "mementos" left behind by the fab four in all the planes they've ever boarded. It's like a souvenir hunt!

    1. I imagine there might be some 55-year old human mementos left behind by the Fab Four as well...

  3. Cool piece of memorabilia...I'll take it!!!