Sunday, May 5, 2019

Come and Get It

May 5, 1969 -- The Starkeys and the Lennons celebrate the end of production for The Magic Christian film


  1. Weren't Paul and Linda also present at this party? I think I've seen a photo of them there. (MarkZapp)

  2. The Magic Christian looks like he is 3 sheets to the wind and Yoko looks like she is having oh so much fun in pic # 3 right..............
    Great pics though.
    John always had a good time with Ringo

  3. Yoko doesn't look too happy in the last frame.

  4. Magic Christian made Let It Be a tense affair. Ringo was under contract to start filming Magic Christian on Feb. 01, 1969. This meant the Beatles had to be absolutely finished on The Let It Be project by the end of Jan.
    They made and produced an album and a film plus the roof concert in a months time. Talk about working under pressure.