Wednesday, April 24, 2019

Taking a smoke break


  1. At Granada Studios, Manchester, for 'The Music of Lennon/McCartney', I'd guess.
    Granada Studios was an historic building from 1957 onwards, where you might see Lawrence Olivier stop by to film a play, where Tony Wilson hosted the local news while he was putting together Factory Records on the side, where Brideshead Revisited got made, where Jeremy Brett's Sherlock Holmes got made, where the longest-running soap opera in the world got made, where Alfred Hitchcock visited his old pal Sid Bernstein, where The Beatles arrived on several occasions (it's a 25-minute drive from Liverpool) culminating in this last appearance.
    Yes, a historic building, Granada. And so Manchester has now demolished it.

  2. This looks to be 1964, at least a full year before The Music of Lennon And McCartney was filmed.(MarkZapp)

  3. This looks like rehearsals for the "Around the Beatles" when they did the Shakespeare bit from A Midsummer Night's Dream.