Monday, January 21, 2019

George's return to the Beatles

January 21, 1969 -   George didn't quit the Beatles forever, obviously.    Today 50 years ago the guitarist joined the band again with promises of recording at Apple instead of Twickenham and no big concert performances. 

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  1. He still had reservations about going up "on the chimney" a week later but thankfully went along, even though none of his songs were played up there while some Lennon-McCartney numbers got played twice.
    So although he could be passive-aggressive, you'd have to say GH was a good sport, and didn't spoil a terrific bit of history which seems, now, for all kinds of artistic and logistic and legal and commercial reasons, unbelievable.
    So come on, Apple Scruffs, let's hear your memories of that rooftop gig.