Tuesday, December 18, 2018

Who Cares?

Obviously I do!   Love this photo!


  1. Should have been there! .....
    They're looking good.
    Long may they do so.
    Merry Christmas to you all.

  2. I was lucking enough to be at the show. Ringo was sat about 7 or 8 rows in front of me with Barbara (James and Mary Mac were also sat close). It was great to see the love for Ringo as he came out to his seat before the show, getting a huge reception from the crowd before the house lights went down. It was around then that everyone started to wonder/hope, and the feeling of love for those guys from the audience, and the sense of love between them, were some of the best parts what was a truly wonderful night!

    1. Paul - thanks for sharing this

  3. I think Paul looks better without the hair dye. He never had brown hair anyway.

  4. Ringo looks great with the hair and beard "varnished", as George Harrison once said. Paul's difficulty is that long hair on older men tends to look messy and, dare I say it, Trump-like.

  5. true - longish hair w/ a bit of baldness isn't attractive on older men