Thursday, December 13, 2018

Report From London (1968)

Tonight's story comes from the September 1968 issue of  "Father Lennon's Many Children" fan club newsletter.  This newsletter was renamed "Beatles Rule!"  not long after this issue.   

Photo just for reference. 

Report from London
By Sher Miller

I'm writing this column in my hotel room in London.  It's been one of the most hectic and exciting weeks I've ever spent!  This is my tenth day here and so much has happened.   Last Sunday, my second day in London, I went to Paul's house with two friends.  We stood around for about two hours then suddenly a familiar face appeared at the gate.   Mr. McCartney M.B.E. was in a very groovy mood that day.  He came out and chatted with us for about 20 minutes.  I gave him some American Indian peace beads.  He was holding his adorable little Yorkshire puppy named Eddie.  there were about 20 girls around so it wasn't a very personal meeting, but it was the first time I had ever been so close to Paul and actually talked to him.  For the next few days, I saw him frequently, but it was usually when he was in his car.

Just yesterday I had the most beautiful day of my life.  I met George and it was in the right way too, not with 20 other people there.  It was four of us and George and that's pretty groovy.  We went to his house at about 3p this past Sunday, September 1st.   His home is unbelievable.  I have pictures of everything because it was a day that has to be remembered.  My friend Margaret rang his bell and Pattie answered.   I caught my breath for a second because a picture had suddenly come alive to me.  Margaret asked if we could see George.   Pattie said, "Just a minute."   I looked down to put my film cartridge in when George appeared at the door.  We all said, "Hi" (George quite shyly and us quite nervously).  From then on everything was beautiful.  George is the easiest person in the world to talk to.  After we were talking for a while George asked me if I was on holiday.   I said yes, and he asked me if  I was having a good time.  He's so darn nice.   He really took an interest in us.  At one point we all took a picture with him and as I posed with him and he chatted about the inconsistent weather.  Did you ever picture in your wildest dreams that a Beatles would talk casually about the weather, or as George did, start raving about an unusual umbrella?  My see-through umbrella caught his eye and hew as so excited about it that he called Pattie over to see it!  We were all so taken with George.

Earlier in the day, we met Julian Lennon.   We had gone to John's house thinking he might be there.  the gate was open and there were two cars in the garage.   Margaret ran the bell and a woman answered.   With her was a little boy.   As he stepped forward, we all stared.  Then Marg said, "Is that Julian?"  The woman said it was.  Fellow Beatles people, he is the most gorgeous little boy I've ever seen.  He's got a long fringe with big brown eyes.  He's tallish and slim and he wore a striped polo shirt with little red trunks.  We got a picture of him and my friend gave him a chocolate bar.  Just like all children, he had to be prompted to say "thank you."  As we left, we heard him yell, "Mommy!"  Obviously, John gave the home to Cyn instead of selling it.

Next stop was Ringo's.  If you have the impression that Ringo's house is "just down the hill" from John's, forget it!   It's a very long way down and around.  A woman with a baby opened the door.  It was Maureen's mother and Jason.   Jason Starkey is now one year old.   We hadn't seen him since he was born.  He's lovely, blonde and blue eyes, he looks much like Zak. 

Paul was in Morocco until Tuesday getting a tan we were told by his housekeeper, Rosie.

We got tickets to Top of the Pops show tomorrow night starring -- The Beatles!  Mal gave them to us as a gift from Apple. 

By the way, Neil got married on Friday!   Well, I'm already planning a trip for next year!  Cheerio! 


  1. "My friend Margaret rang his bell and Pattie answered. I caught my breath for a second because a picture had suddenly come alive to me. Margaret asked if we could see George. Pattie said, "Just a minute." "
    That dates the account more than anything else. Man are those days gone.

    1. I know! To be able to ring the doorbell and have George's wife answer and then go get George is amazing. I love these stories because they would never happen today.

  2. now these are great stories!

  3. George was taken with the clear umbrella!! How sweet!!

  4. remember Sher - so nice to relive her adventures again